General contractor "Baltic engineering company" reports on news from the construction site "aspen grove". Customer Corporation "Sterkh".

General contractor "Baltic Engineering Company" reports on the news from the construction site "Osinovaya Roshcha". Customer Corporation Sterkh

General contractor "Baltic Engineering Company" has concluded the next contract with the Customer, Corporation "Sterkh".

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The role of general contractor in the construction of the project.

In the traditional scheme of interaction between the participants of the investment construction project roles and responsibilities of participants in the process are consistent, clearly separated and complement each other. Together they represent the complete logical picture,  confirmed by experience throughout history and construction activities.

However, the scheme of the organization of the project may be quite different from project to project. It depends on the extent of willingness of investors to be directly involved in the project and monitor the whole process of its implementation.

The project's success is defined by qualification, responsibilities and experiences of dealing with similar tasks of all the companies - participants .

The general contractor is physically implementing the project, coordinating subcontractors , interacting with the customer and with the general designer. In the end it is responsible for ensuring that construction passes the commissioning.

General contractor - manages all processes on the construction site, so all the tasks are concentrated in the same hands. At the same time general contractor assumes all the risks of general contract and is solely responsible for the timing of the works performed, their quality and the proper observance of the construction budget.