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InterStroyExpo exhibition 18-20 April 2019
The 25th international exhibition of construction and finishing materials "InterStroyExpo "will be held from 18 to 20 April 2019 in St. Petersburg, EXPOFORUM.

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The construction of the medical clinic "Scandinavia"

Medical clinic "Scandinavia" is a project of the international group of clinics "AVA ", which is presented in St. Petersburg since 1996. Many experts "AVA - PETER " had their training and practice in the leading hospitals in England, Germany , Belgium and Finland. Thanks to frequent participation in international exhibitions and conferences, they quickly introduce to the medical practice latest developments and discoveries in the field of applied methods of treatment.

 "Scandinavia " - is the first Russian project in private medicine , which is supported by the World Bank. "Baltic Engineering Company " is playing the role of general contractor in this ambitious project since 2012.

"Scandinavia " is a modern multi-functional medical facility intended for the diagnosis , prevention, medical rehabilitation and provision of adults and children with specialized care .

Multifunctional Medical Center consists of:

Children's outpatient department ,

Adult outpatient department,

Children's Hospital,

Adult hospital,

Maternity ward,

Gynecological department,


All branches of the medical center are located in isolation from each other. The location of each office provides a convenient functional access to the diagnostic services of the building. The aim is to provide patients and visitors with the most comfortable environment.