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The following construction works are carried out on our own:

 - General works - demolition works, excavation and solid work, installation of steel structures, sandwich panels, installation of precast reinforced concrete,  interior and exterior brick walls structure, aerated concrete, painting and decorating, finishing works.

 - Equipment supply, installation, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of engineering systems of buildings and structures.

Each service contains a set of operations required for its high-quality performance. For customer's convenience list of works can be corrected by the terms of the contract, but in any case, our company is committed to the principles of the exact fulfillment of contractual obligations, the responsibility for the final result, mutual trust and honesty towards Customers, Partners and Contractors.

General contracting

  General contract includes the following activities:

  • Effective organization of the construction process of Object.
  • Obtaining all approvals and permits for the work.
  • Manufacturing jobs in the terms established by the "Schedule of Work".
  • Compliance with the approved budget for the construction and its optimization.
  • Quality control: input, operations, acceptance, inspection on the basis of regulatory quality management system.
  • Processing and risk minimization.
  • Monitoring compliance with fire safety, occupational health, safety, environmental protection and other regulations at the site.
  • The conclusion of insurance contracts of works and construction projects.
  • Construction and maintenance of the site. Making the smooth implementation of the work contractors.
  • Selection of sub-contractors and suppliers on a competitive basis according to the criteria of professionalism, reliability, value and quality.
  • The conclusion of contracts with subcontractors, coordination of their work.
  • Contracts with suppliers, providing construction materials, structures and equipment.
  • Generation and transmission of customer-built documentation.
  • Maintenance of the Facility prior to its commissioning.


General design

General design includes the following activities:

  • Development of a complete set of project documentation required for construction of the facility, its equipment manufacturing equipment and connection to external engineering networks. 

- Stage of the Project in accordance with the RF Government Decree of 16 February 2008 number 87.
- Stage Working documents determined by the relevant state standards ASAP and refined customer and the designer.

  • The design works in the terms established by the "Schedule of Work" and the contract signed. In budget planning.
  • The conclusion of the necessary contracts to ensure the release of project documentation in the required, the required amount. All contracts to be negotiated only by tender.
  • Monitoring the contractors design organizations for proper performance of the Work under the Contract, namely, the quality of the design solutions, performance time and coordination of their activities.
  • Field supervision of construction.
  • Removing the comments on the project documentation for obtaining a positive SGSNiE (State Construction Supervision and Examination).

Engineering services

Engineering services include the following activities:

In the design phase:


  • Consulting support the selection and registration of land plots for the design and construction.
  • Hold public hearings.
  • Preparation of a complete set of initial permits needed for the project.
  • Selection by tender, taking into account the full range of evaluation criteria and the conclusion of the contract with General Designer.
  • Approval of the design assignment in conjunction with the General Designer and Client.
  • Overseeing the production design work General Designer for compliance with project documents the customer's specifications and the initial permits, meeting deadlines and budget planning.
  • Getting a positive conclusion SGSNiE (State Construction Supervision and Examination).
  • Register object in the Office of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.
  • Obtaining a building permit.


During the construction phase:


  • Selection by tender, taking into account the full range of evaluation criteria and the conclusion of the contract with the general contractor.
  • Monitoring compliance with the budget and construction time.
  • The implementation of a permanent technical supervision. 

- Control of conformity of construction and assembly works issued to the "production work" of design and estimate documentation of compliance with the existing legal documentation of the quality of the construction materials, products, structures and equipment (availability of certificates, passports, required tests and trials) and the quality and technology of the general construction, installation and special works.

  - Compliance test performed and invoiced volume of construction works on the basis of the approved construction documents.
  - Acceptance of certain types of work, including the hidden work, with the necessary documents.
  - Monitoring of in accordance with the regulations of the geodetic work under the project.


  • Control of the participants in the building requirements and technical guidance, supervision and oversight of government.
  • Monitor the implementation of measures to ensure the preservation of the objects located in the work area.
  • Surveying the executive order after the construction works.
  • Trim a full package of executive documentation generated during the construction process.
  • Getting the findings of compliance constructed, reconstructed, subject to requirements of technical regulations and project documentation.
  • Obtaining Permits for the facility to operate.