General contractor "Baltic engineering company" reports on news from the construction site "aspen grove". Customer Corporation "Sterkh".

General contractor "Baltic Engineering Company" reports on the news from the construction site "Osinovaya Roshcha". Customer Corporation Sterkh

General contractor "Baltic Engineering Company" has concluded the next contract with the Customer, Corporation "Sterkh".

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Celebration of the Day of the Construction worker.

Celebration of the Day of the Construction worker.

For the celebration of the professional holiday employees went on the trip to Tallin. Tallin is a city with a history of 800 years. And like any other city such a long history, Tallinn is a kaleidoscope of places with the different historical past. Uniqueness of the city is that it is one of the few European cities, which completely preserved historic layout of the 15th century, as well as a huge number of architectural monuments from that distant era. The medieval appearance is well preserved in all of the most important administrative and ecclesiastical buildings, many houses, barns, warehouses belonging to the once eminent citizens and merchants. Thanks to it in 1997 Old Tallinn was included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO.

The program started with examination of Rakverskogo Castle, one of the few medieval castles of Estonia, where we had the chance to be in the shoes (literally) of the medieval citiezens. Dress up like them, play traditional games, drink traditional beverages, learn a lot about the culture and life of that times. Then we reached Tallinn, had the night celebration in the famous amongst locals and foreigners Beer House and next day went for the excursion around the city.