General contractor "Baltic engineering company" reports on news from the construction site "aspen grove". Customer Corporation "Sterkh".

General contractor "Baltic Engineering Company" reports on the news from the construction site "Osinovaya Roshcha". Customer Corporation Sterkh

General contractor "Baltic Engineering Company" has concluded the next contract with the Customer, Corporation "Sterkh".

Main page » General Contractor «Baltic Engineering Company» celebrates its 11th birthday!

General Contractor «Baltic Engineering Company» celebrates its 11th birthday!


We congratulate our collegues and partners with this significant event!

Resuming results of our work, one can say with certainty that out company is developing dynamically and systematically, expanding its technical and engineering potential.  

During the recent couple of years cash flow has overcome 1 milliard rubles. 

Over 145 technical and engineering employees work in our company, half of whom were hired more than 5 years ago. It is a cohesive team, inclined to solving any kind of tasks in the field of General Contractor works, designing and offering engineering services. 

During this time we have successfully realised 2 own investment projects, 2 more are under development. 

Several companies, such as «BIC-Energo», «BIC Engineering Company», have joined «Baltic Engineering Company» group. That made  ollowing contract works competitive: monolithics works, metal-construction and sandwich-panel assembling, digging, trimming, installation of internal engineering systems, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, water supply and sanitation. 

Leadership of «Baltic Engineering Company» congratulates collegues with 11th birthday and wishes implementation of new projects and new memorable dates in the history of company development.