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The company is 18 years old!

General contractor "Baltic engineering company" put into operation the branch of OOO "UNILEVER RUS"

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Construction of «Sejong Industrial Co.» factory.

The main activity category of the «Sejong Industrial Co.» company is production of parts and equipment of automobiles and their engines. From the moment of foundation till nowadays it has grown tremendously and intend keeping its spot in top 5 best world companies. The most important for this enterprise is its clients loyalty and their high valuation of production quality. It is achieved by introduction of latest technologies to industry process, close attention to details, exactingness to quality. Besides, «Sejong Industrial Co.» accounts for social responsability, making an effort to manage the production in certain way: to make sure that on each level from creating a tiny screw till product distribution preservation of the enviroment was in the limelight. 

The project of «Sejong Industrial Co.» factory reconstruction in St. Petersburg was implemented by General contractor «Baltic Engineering Company». «Hyundai Amco Rus» was a customer. Production complex «SEJONG» manufactures exhaust systems for Hyundai automobiles. During the project implementation the expension of industrial and office area was carried out. Work was conducted in accordance with all the requirements made by the client and on time, which is confirmed by favourable reference.

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