General contractor "Baltic engineering company" reports on news from the construction site "aspen grove". Customer Corporation "Sterkh".

General contractor "Baltic Engineering Company" reports on the news from the construction site "Osinovaya Roshcha". Customer Corporation Sterkh

General contractor "Baltic Engineering Company" has concluded the next contract with the Customer, Corporation "Sterkh".

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Construction of the refrigerated warehouse complex.

«Baltic Engineering Company» is the general contractor of Osinovaya Roscha Logistic Complex construction.

Oct. 29, 2010, «STERH» Corporation, a major supplier of logistics services in St. Petersburg, opened a refrigerated warehouse complex. Chief sanitary inspector Gennadiy Onischenko, head of the Federal Fishery Administration Andrey Krainiy, assistant of the plenipotentiory representative of the president of Russian Federation in North-West district Aleksandr Polukeev, chairman of board of «VTB North-West» bank Dmitriy Olunin and directors of russian companies and members of the media were attended the opening ceremony. 

North-West district requires construction of lowtemperature complexes to store meat and fish, that's why implementation of this project is necessary step towards developing this infrastructure.

The decision of implementation of the refrigerated warehouse complex project was taken by «Sterh» Corporation in the network of the  federal target program «Increasing of efficiency and resource potential development of the fishing industry complex». 

«Baltic Engineering Company» participated in the implementation of this project as a General Contractor. 

It is a complicated, innovative project including russian, as well as foreign, up-to-date developments both in organisation of the technological process and technical, constructive decisions. There are no suchlike refrigerated complexes in St. Petersburg. Nevertheless, all the works were conducted in time, due to all standars of high quality. 


 Factual information: 

  • Building area of 17,000 m2.
  • Freezers (t from -24 to -18 °C) capacity of 20,000 tons of lump storage.
  • Refrigerators (t from 0 to 8 °C) capacity of 10,000 tons of lump storage.
  • Freezers and refrigerators of different capacities.
  • Veterinary permission to store different types of products.
  • Wide temperature range: from - 24 to -18oC and from 0 to 8oC.
  • Control of temperature conditions.
  • One loading-unloading gate per each 500 m2.
  • High-speed handling (for all types of vehicles).
  • Modern storage equipment and automated control systems.
  • Complete machining diverse range of goods.


 Sept 2011, the second queue of the Osinovaya Roscha logistic complex began working - dry warehouse of 16 000 m2. Now the construction of the third complex’s queue is in progress.