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Construction and reconstruction of the Club Hotel "Talion"

The hotel is located in the building with enormous historical value - Sheremet'yevskiy Palace.

The house was built in the 1780s . From 1883 to 1917 it was owned by Count Alexander Dmitrievich Sheremetiev . In 1885 the mansion was rebuilt and its interior decoration was re- designed. Some interiors completely repeated the one's of the Fountain House. The project of the main staircase , hall and front rooms was designed by the architect A.I. Gauguin . The lobby of mansion is adorned by Family emblem and motto of Sheremetevs - "Deus conservat omnia" (God saves all). In 1993, during the Soviet era , the massive fire destroyes the interior of the palace. In 2001 "Talion" company on investment conditions aquires the building and starts the reconstruction of the architectural monument.

"Baltic Engineering Company " was working as general contractor on this object. It performed work on the general overhaul and reconstruction of the palace by the order of "Center for Business and humanitarian cooperation." The work which was done started with installation of load-bearing structures and ended with arrangement of engineering systems. All construction and installation works were carried out under the supervision of KGIOP. The mansion was rebuilt for the elite club "Talion", including expensive and prestigious mini-hotel "Sheremetev Palace".

Our company is proud to participate in the preservation of the architectural and historical monument of the city.

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