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Multifunctional center "RIVER HOUSE"

Installation of engineering systems in the facility "Multifunctional Center RIVER HOUSE" with the total area of 27,000 square meters. The Center is located on the land which used to belong to the factory "Electric" (Academician Pavlov street, 5.)

"Multifunctional Center RIVER HOUSE" is a 7 - storey complex built in a modern style. Two floors are occupied by retail areas, the rest of the space accommodates the business center of class "B +". Safe and comfortable environment in the complex is provided by the most sophisticated ventilation equipment, air conditioning and other engineering systems.

Due to the tight schedule of design and construction, installation of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning was executed on the day of arrival of equipment to St. Petersburg. Such an installation schedule of air conditioning systems allowed to exclude the costs of organizing temporary equipment warehouse in St. Petersburg. In compliance with the project , installation of the central air conditioners was done in specially designed ventilation chambers , which were located on the roof of the shopping center. In addition, the project required the installation of four chillers of open design (produced by CIAT in France, the total cooling capacity 2000 kW) on a special frame mounted on the roof of the building, which allowed to avoid the construction of special facility for refrigeration center. All this solutions helped to increase the profitability of the project and to fit in the strict timeline.