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General Contractor - criteria of choice.

Choosin a General Contractor to realise a project - that is the task that each Customer faces. 

What to pay attention to? What is important for making a right decision?

There is a range of criteria to estimate reliability of a General Contractor. 

Firstly here goes general information: how many years a company exists on general contract market, what experience it has in implementation of the projects, who its staff consists of, what qualifications of company's employees are, if it has its own installation department, that would provide efficient decision of any question that may occur in the field of building and assembly jobs. 

Second part is jurisprudence information: law documents, certificate of registration, extract from the Register Office, information on court cases, etc., all of this will provide additional information for the analysis of the reliability of the General Contractor.

Third part is financial: what 

Третий раздел - финансовая часть: what annual turnover of the funds this general contractor has, if it is comparable with the budget of the project, what guarantees can be providen by general contractor (ownership of the property, bank guarantee), how detailed a worked out commercial proposal is in terms of assumed effort, materials, equipment and cost of works.

Balanced analysis of all the parameters of the tender offer and completeness of the provided information will help the customer to make the right choice.