General contractor "Baltic engineering company" reports on news from the construction site "aspen grove". Customer Corporation "Sterkh".

General contractor "Baltic Engineering Company" reports on the news from the construction site "Osinovaya Roshcha". Customer Corporation Sterkh

General contractor "Baltic Engineering Company" has concluded the next contract with the Customer, Corporation "Sterkh".

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Which requirements do Customers impose on General Contractor these days?

What do Customers put at the forefront: the ability of General Contractor to effectively organize the building process or the presence of the building capacity?
The services of General contracting in the construction industry exist for a very long time already. Its objective lies in the obligations of the General Contractor to construct an object, taking full responsibility for the timing , quality and construction budget . In addition, the general contractor undertakes the guarantee service of the constructed object. To present day this  understanding of General contractor is relevant, practically nothing has changed.To successfully compete in the market General Contractor Company should combine both these areas. Many tenders name as required conditions of participation the possibility of providing bank guarantee and the availability of tangible assets. Also, having your own installation units increases the efficiency of construction management.
This does not preclude the need for development of the company in the field of management and engineering associated mainly with the increase in professional development of employees and implementation of the latest achievements in the field of building production, administrative algorithms and specialized software .