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The company is 18 years old!

General contractor "Baltic engineering company" put into operation the branch of OOO "UNILEVER RUS"

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Confectionery factory put in commission.

In 2007 «Tekhnadzor» Customer  chose "Baltic engineering company" as a general contractor to conduct all work during the construction of the confectionery factory, that specializes on the production of frozen and fresh biscuits and wafers, with total area of 12, 900 m2.

The general contractor completed this task in accordance with the highest standards of quality. The factory has a specific technology associated with food production, imposing additional requirements on both engineering systems and interior finishing. All the technical problems that arose during construction, have been resolved with quality and in time.

At the end of general contracting works, «Baltic Engineering Company» has received a letter of recommendation, where the director of «Tekhnadzor» has noted high professional level of employees and careful attention to the recommendations of the customer.

The main characteristics of the object:

- Manufacture of confectionery products area (product lines) - 5000 m2.

- Raw materials warehouse - 1,100 m2,

- Finished goods warehouse - 4100 m2,

- Storage of packaging - 450 m2,

- Domestic area - 950 m2,

- Office area - 1300 m2.