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General contractor "Baltic engineering company" put into operation the branch of OOO "UNILEVER RUS"

Main page » Objects » Autocenter «Classika» has been opened for public.

Autocenter «Classika» has been opened for public.

Autocenter «Classika» has been opened for public. 

Opening ceremony of the brand new, modern center «Classika», the official dealer of Volkswagen. took place Dec 1, 2012. It became a genuinely pleasant occasion for both employees of this gigantic concern and his clients. This day everybody could attend excursions and seminar held by professional auto specialists, as well as get full impression of what this new center is. 

«Baltic Engineering Company» performed General Contractor Service during the implementation of this project. 

«Classika» includes big show-room space, clients department, service zone, storage facilities, manual and automatic washing. All the rooms are supplied by modern equipment to create microclimate, as much as possible is done to make clients feel comfortable. It is convinient here to use offered services and choose a new car.

Setting his mind on buying a car, a driver draws attention to a whole bunch of characteristics: outward appearance, reliability, horsepower, and, of course, moderateness of prices. However, when buying a car, it's not enough just to choose its model. Your final decision is also formed by location of autocenter, its equipment, dimension, quality of service while both choosing a car and its further exploitation.

Now this new autocenter, project of which was implemented by the specialists of «Baltic Enhineering Company» General Contractor, offers a wide range of different Volkswagen car models. Each of them is adapted to exploitation in russian, sometimes extreme, conditions. Additional services include credit, registering a car, insurance and maintenance. 


Factual information: 

The total area of  5 200 m2.


  • Show room area – 750 m2. 
  • Total square of service zone – 2450 m2. 
  • Total square of warehouse – 450 m2. 
  • Square of manual car washing (2 positions) – 131 m2.
  • Square of automatic car washing (2 positions) – 107 m2.

Visit «Classika» autocenter's web-site.